Fatbetty Raw: Concrete Betty

Fatbetty Raw: Concrete Betty

Fatbetty by Studio NED is a hand-made solid beechwood  and steel adjustable stool. She’s pretty heavy, but that’s just what makes her a sturdy companion…she won’t topple over and let you down!

Fatbetty has a nice round seat and wonderfully voluptuous shapely legs, reminiscent of all-time sexy vintage pin-up  girl Betty Page.

Fatbetty  can easily blend in… or stand out , in a variety of interior settings, ranging from classic to modern, male or female.

She’s handy too, adjustable in height she can  double as a stool or side table.

Fatbetty comes in three versions:

  1. The Fatbetty Classic – An always stunning Betty in high gloss, satin or mat finish, water based varnish custom coloured to fit in any interior
  2. The Fatbetty Special – A very fashionable and arty Betty, clad in materials ranging from used bicycle inner tubes to Swarowski crystals.
  3. The Fatbetty Raw – An all natural Betty…various raw materials serve as a base for her look and feel, wood, concrete, or marble.

We at Studio NED… and quite a few others, have a feeling that Fatbetty’s here to stay… After her first serious exposure to the world  last September during the Tuttobene 10 Year Retrospective design expo in the Beurs van Berlage,  she was immediately snapped up by our very first client.

For more details about how our young Fatbetty is taking off, and what she will be up to next, take a peek on our NEWS page or, even better, check out Studio NED on Facebook